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The most beautiful thing you can become is yourself.

If you take better care of yourself, you will feel better. You will make better choices and attract more beautiful things.

Thank you for being here! Is this your first step to a happier life?

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Are you happy?
Can you always be yourself?
Do you do what you really like?

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My story

My story began in 2018. I was a student and worked part-time at a motorbike dealership as a consultant. Making people happy is something I already enjoyed doing at that time, it gives me great satisfaction. That's why I enjoyed the contact with people the most in my studies and part-time work.

Through my mother I came into contact with coaching & the Fitplan, about which you can find more on this website. I saw what she was doing and it inspired me enormously. So I started to explore the possibilities for myself. During that year I was particularly tired in the mornings, I felt that I couldn't use my maximum energy. In the afternoon, I regularly suffered from a dip. I was also very insecure, especially in front of groups. The skills and approach that I developed for myself proved to be such a success that those around me became curious about what I was actually doing. That is when my career as a coach began. I was able to help people in an area in which I myself had grown a lot. That led to a (part-time) business of my own.

I got so much satisfaction from this coaching, and really making a difference for others, that in 2020 I decided to do this full time. I am an ambitious coach who likes to be among people, and really wants to help you in a way that feels good for you. At that time I also started helping people in more areas than just the insecurity, fatigue & energy part.

As I said before, my journey as an entrepreneur has also made my self-confidence grow, I can now give trainings for large groups of people, and help many people further one on one. Inspiring a large group of people has always been a dream for me. Until a year ago, I could not have imagined that I would be able to and dare to do this.

Today, I help over 50 people to achieve their results, their better lives.

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A considered approach

Together we make a personal plan

I find it extremely important that the plan of action we make together is realistic. It must be effective and fun. I want to enable you to achieve your ultimate life goals together with me. I make a personal plan for everyone. Everyone is different and needs a personal approach. This way we can bring out your full potential together!

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Free intake / free first appointment

Are you ready for change?
By offering you the guidance and support you need, we can create amazing results. I would like to explain all the possibilities in a free intake meeting. I do this online via ZOOM. If you choose to start with a trajectory, we will make a plan of how we are actually going to achieve your goals. 

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”Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live in”

Jim Rohn

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What can I offer you?

What can you achieve through my coaching?


Together, we can work towards your personal goals. The essence of my coaching is the development of self-growth through a personal plan aimed at your challenges. Together, we will make sure you can overcome these challenges and actually reach your goals.

Depending on your personal goals, together we make a plan. What can that goal be?

  • More vitality

  • More hapiness in life

  • A better night's sleep

  • More self-confidence

  • Higher energy level

  • Less stress & tension

  • More balance in your life

  • Losing weight responsibly

  • Gaining weight/muscle mass

  • Personal development (growth)

Please contact me so that we can discuss the possibilities together. You can also schedule an (online) intake meeting where we can discuss your goals.

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Personal development

It is not about being the best, it is about being better than yesterday.


When you make certain choices in life, there are always consequences. This was also the case for me, after I decided to work independently as a coach. I have always been a social person, I like to be with nice people. However, in front of large groups I was rather introverted. If I had to speak in front of groups of people, I would clam up and not be able to get my words across. As a result, I was, understandably, always extremely nervous weeks beforehand. This really bothered me, because I knew that in this profession it is very important not to be introverted in front of a large group.

What was the solution? To DO it anyway. I had already learned somewhere that the greatest successes lie outside your comfort zone. My 'why' was so strong, I had a really big intrinsic motivation to help others, that I had to get over my fear. The so-called ice cold shower took place on 1 February 2020. I stood in front of a group of about 100 people, and was allowed to share my story: how I had started as an independent coach. That did not go very smoothly, but I did it. That day changed my life. Something in me kept saying that I had to do this.

In the months that followed, I kept practising, organising online presentations via Zoom. In those presentations, I explained to family and friends (later also to strangers) what my new business was all about. This did not always go smoothly, but eventually I noticed that I was actually developing skills. So the very simple phrase: 'just do it' really has a positive effect if you work at it consistently.

When, in September 2020, I decided to run my business full time, more and more beautiful insights came to me. Suddenly I really enjoyed sharing my story in front of a large group! So that has been a drastic change in just over six months. Partly because of this, I am also much less bothered by stuttering (speech impediment). Where I used to stutter a lot, especially in front of groups and during enthusiasm, I hardly do so now! You can imagine how grateful I am for this. This has grown through that one decision: to do what I really wanted to do.

At this moment, I give a (online) presentation to a large group almost every week, and I even get to train other entrepreneurs! The photo shows a training that I was allowed to give at a beautiful live location, which was just a little bit different than via Zoom! I enjoy it every time again when I can talk about my passion, to individuals, but also to groups.

This is not the only thing I have experienced in the area of personal development. I have also discovered who I really am. Only when you really do what you like, can you achieve beautiful things. I have learned to put myself first, and to say 'no' to people for a change. When I started out as a self-employed person, a lot of people had an opinion on this, of course. Friends, but also family, had a certain conditioning about this, or even resisted it. In the past, I would have doubted whether this would be the right thing to do, but now I decided otherwise. I went for it! My 'why' was and is big enough! I saw this negativity and distrust about my success as extra motivation to go for it! Wanting to prove me wrong has been a very good motivator for me, because this is exactly what I wanted! This piece of development and these choices have now led me to a successful business in which I can help more than 50 people every day. This has made me realise that with the right mindset and motivation, great things can be achieved!

Everything I have learned in recent years, I apply in my projects. I would like to see everyone benefit from this development and way of living! Are you ready to really choose for yourself?

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6 days trial period

Are you curious to know what a coach trajectory looks like?

I help people achieve their personal goals. I completely understand if you say: 'I want to experience that first'! Have you seen my site and are you curious what this can mean for you?

Based on your personal goal, we will make a 6-day plan together.
What could that goal be?

  • More vitality

  • More hapiness in life

  • A better night's sleep

  • More self-confidence

  • Higher energy level

  • Less stress & tension

  • More balance in your life

  • Losing weight responsibly

  • Gaining weight/muscle mass

  • Personal development (growth)

  • Create a good & healthy morning rhythm

Please contact me for a personal intake (online)!
This 6 day programme costs only €9,99

What can I offer you during these 6 days?

  • 24/7 support

  • Personal intake interview

  • Personal coaching & advice

  • Additional tips / content aimed at your personal goal

Experience of this try out programme
I experienced Dylan as a very passionate and involved person. Besides the standard information, he also provided me with a personalised plan. Dylan keeps his finger on the pulse and also provides additional tips about nutrition and your meal times. I can heartily recommend Dylan to you if you want to work on your health.

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Work with me
(Fit Entrepreneur)

Are you ready for a new challenge in life?

Everything I have learned in recent years, I would like to pass on to people with the same ambition. Get started as a coach!

Practical training included
Part-time or full-time

Do you have the dream of helping others? I had this dream too, and I want to offer it to you. Worldwide!


I offer you the chance to be trained as a coach, our team is growing all the time!

You can accept this challenge full time, but also part time, for example as a student.

In any case, what is important is that you are open to learning new things. In the past year, I have coached people in various ways towards a better life, more self-confidence, a part-time extra income and even towards a full-time income with future perspectives. I can offer you all of this as well. Are you ready for this step?

I am a professional coach and I am here to help you achieve your goals or make a change in your life. I believe that you can achieve your personal goals through coaching and get a new perspective on life. The industry is growing exponentially as people increasingly experience mental and physical problems and want to do something about it.

Because of this, our team and the demand for help are also growing! That is why I am looking for you! I work with a proven roadmap for new coaches. I have already helped several people achieve success, but more importantly: they are all satisfied and helped people! 

If you want to be part of our ambitious team, please contact me! 

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